Hitman: Agent 47 – VFX Breakdown

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My work on this project was essentially to add muzzles flashs, bloods splatters, bullets misses, bullets holes and remove tracking markers.

Moments of Life

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The idea was to capture emotions, vibes , unique moments, sometimes intimate moments, transcribe the emotional spectrum by showing the people that I love and appreciate.

Just a Moment

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Just a moment during the summer with Diana Hanakova. I tested a new typographic effect with Particular on After Effects.

Mokko Studio

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Recently hired by Mokko Studio, I move to Montreal for several months !

Interstellar: critical analysis of the last Nolan’s film (in French)

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Interstellar is the most ambitious Christopher Nolan’s movie. He has managed to implement an intelligent, epic and masterful movie for general audience but also for a more informed public.
Interstellar uses many references as Stanley Kubrick, Terrence Malick and Andrei Tarkovsky. These references are essential because they allow to understand the entirety Nolan’s film. In my analysis I will try to explain the links between Interstellar and references used.